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Producer’s Toolbox

Input your crop date on the yellow highlighted lines only.
Formulas Barn #1 Barn #2 Barn #3 Total
Date Placed A
Amount Placed B
Extras C=B*1.02
Total Placed D=B+C
Date Sold E
Age(Days) F=E-A
Total Sold G
Mortality(%) H=(1-(G/D)) * 100
Total WT Shipped(kg) J
Avg WT(KG) K=J/G
GM/Day L=K/F*1000
Paid Weight(KG) M
Condem(%) N=1-(M/J)
Feed Consumption(TONS) O
Feed Conversion P=(O*1000)/J
Net Feed Conversion Q=(O*1000)/M
Avg Cost/Ton($) R=X/O
Price/KG($) S
Revenue($) T=M*S
Cost Per Chick($) U
BD Fees($/KG) V
NET($) W=T-V*M
Feed Costs($) X
Chick Costs($) Y=-B*U
Total Rev($) W=T-V*M
Total Feed($) X
Total Chick($) Y
Total Profit($) Z=W-X-Y
Feed/KG AB=X/M
Chick/KG AC=Y/M
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